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Custom Software Development and Genesys CTI by Kioz Solutions

call centre consultant

Thank you for finding us here at Kioz Solutions. If you are looking for that perfect piece of custom software to create efficiencies in your day to day contact centre processes – we’re here to help.

Kioz Solutions is an Australian software design company based in Brisbane, sunny Queensland. We deliver fully functional yet lite solutions without the necessary overheads known as bloat that you get from other development vendors. Our team has a long history of experience with contact centres allowing us to really understand your requirements from an end user point of view, and this allows us to provide our own ideas into a solution instead of simply delivering blindly on documented dot points.

In the past custom software solutions have earnt a bad reputation for long meetings repeated day after day only to result in a product which simply does not deliver as promised. That was until now. Our unique approach to technical project development allows timelines to be slashed resulting in a faster cheaper product which will outperform and outlast alternative software platforms.

And because our solutions are written to achieve your requirements without the extra unnecessary bells-and-whistles, you won’t need to schedule your staff onto expensive training courses to learn to use our software, it will be easy and as unobtrusive as possible.